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The Friends of Hackney Archives Annual General Meeting will be held on the 31st October at 5.30pm at Hackney Archives.

The Meeting will be followed by an event – Hackney Hauntings

Please book via Eventbrite, as there are limited places. Priority will be given to the Friends until 21st October.

Hackney Hauntings
The Friends of Hackney Archives‘ AGM falls on 31st October, All Hallows Eve. The time of ghosts and witches and things bumping about in the night.

Sue Doe and Lucy Madison will use this opportunity to tell some spooky tales of Hackney after the AGM. AGM starts at 5.30pm. The talk starts at 6.30pm.

Our oldest domestic house has many ghostly tales, ones which Stoke Newington resident Edgar Allan Poe may have appreciated.

The many spiritualists who called Hackney home, the ghostly nurse at the Mothers Hospital, exorcisms in Stuart times, the Shoreditch girl who haunts her last abode in Yorkshire, and the more practical sort who wanted their rent reduced due to a ghost being around. Ghost hunts in cemeteries, and the last woman to be tried as a witch.

The history of Hackney isn’t a trick, but a treat.