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Women from Hackney’s History

The Hackney Society leaflet Famous Women of Hackney is now over 20 years old yet still attracts buyers at community events. There remains an appetite to discover the range of ways that Hackney women have organised together and challenged gender norms.
A new book has been entirely written and produced by Hackney women volunteers. It features women who lived or worked, were born or buried in today’s borough. It does not try to be an exhaustive survey of significant Hackney women and includes many that are not famous as stories of ordinary women often illuminate their place and period as well as those of outliers and frontrunners. The women selected for inclusion represent a breadth of background and achievement. These women might not be the most famous in their field: a film editor, for example, could be of more interest than a screen star. The focus on completed lives/dead women limits the representation of communities more recently arrived in Hackney but the book will aim for breadth.

It is planned to have the book published on March 8th, International Women’s Day, 2021.

There is a reduced price offer from mid-February for the first month, please look out on the Hackney Society website for details:

Legacies – Hackney Archives Research Opportunity

Hackney Archives have announced a supported development opportunity for someone wanting to build on their research experience while assisting them better understand the legacies of empire, enslavement and colonialism in their collections.

This opportunity is primarily aimed at students or those at the very beginning of their careers whose work and interests relate to heritage, history, empire and colonialism. There is no requirement for a qualification of any sort but some experience of research using archives is essential.

It will reflect the open and inclusive approach adopted by the Council’s Review, Rename and Reclaim project to better understand the documentary legacy in collaboration with the people that live and work in Hackney.

This will help to expand Hackney Archives’ understanding of the scope of the legacies of British colonialism, empire and African enslavement in the collections by building on current knowledge of these legacies within the collections. This journey through these collections will follow up on existing leads, identify new lines of research and pose questions that should be considered going forward.

For more information, including the Key Activities to be undertaken, the Outcomes sought, and remuneration, see the full job description at:

Please note the Closing Date is March 8th.

FoHA Membership Renewal

FoHA Membership Renewal 2021

Membership Renewal for 2021 – please note that due to the closure of the Library and Archives building we ask that any Membership Renewals by post should be sent to
Sean Gubbins, (FoHA Treasurer)
162 Richmond Road
E8 3HN