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You can read more about Female Emigration to Australia, and John Marshall, see below

A major London shipowner and resident of Hackney for three decades, in the mid-1820s John Marshall instigated reform of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and later established Britain’s first emigration depot at Plymouth. He was one of the most active bounty emigration agents of the nineteenth century and assisted thousands of people to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, Cape Town, Canada and North America.

John Marshall served on the vestry of St John of Hackney from shortly after his arrival in Hackney in 1814, until he left in 1841, for 11 years he was a member of the parish Reading Society.

Dr Rushen’s new book:
John Marshall: Shipowner, Lloyd’s reformer and emigration agent
Further information on the publisher’s website, Anchor Books Australia

Dr Rushen has also published a book on female emigration to Australia: Single & Free: female migration to Australia 1833-1837.

Her article in Hackney History 10 The Refuge for the Destitute and Female Emigration to Australia describes the Refuge, on Hackney Road, Shoreditch from 1811, and their innovative attempts to find a new life and opportunity in Australia for destitute women.