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P1180504Hoxton Hall

Patrice Lawrence, award winning author, will tell the story:-

֍Eighteen stolen cheesecakes. ֍ Sixty-three high explosive bombs.
֍ Professor Logrenia’s wonderful performing Russian cat.
– Hoxton has seen it all, and from 1863 its main witness has been Hoxton Hall.
I lived in Hoxton for ten years and was never quite sure what to make of the modest building somewhere between Peacocks cheap clothes store and the pie and mash shop. I had absolutely no idea of the treasures that lay within. In 2013, I was commissioned to research and write a short history of Hoxton Hall and this gave me the chance to find out.
Hackney’s layers of social history and the traces they leave on the landscape make it a place rich with stories. So from the biscuit-making temperance enthusiast William Palmer to the mixed heritage pioneering journalist, Olive Lavery, come and hear those stories and find out why James Mortimer’s place of ‘half-literary half-musical entertainment’ still beats at the heart of the local community.

December 7th 6.30pm
Hackney Archives & CLR James Library
Dalston Lane
E8 3BQ

All welcome, free talk

Patrice’s latest book Orangeboy – a novel for young adults, was published by Hodder on 2nd June 2016. Her other books include Granny Ting Ting; & Wild Papa Woods.

Her Blog: The Lawrence Line, about writing, selling writing and the family stories that inspire writing