Subscription £15 (plus £3 for each additional member at the same address), and £30 sterling overseas. The subscription year is January to December.

Pay by Cheque

Please make cheques payable to `The Friends of Hackney Archives’ and send to

For Membership Renewals in 2021 please post to:

FoHA Treasurer
162 Richmond Road
E8 3HN

The Friends of Hackney Archives,
c/o Hackney Archives,
Dalston CLR James Library and Hackney Archives,
Dalston Square,
E8 3BQ;

and provide your name and address, and contact phone number or email address on the form below.


Pay by Bank Transfer

Account No.: 01210815
Sort Code: 40-02-17

But please let FoHA know that you have subscribed by this method by downloading the form below, printing and sending it, for the 2021 subscription year,  to

FoHA Treasurer
162 Richmond Road
E8 3HN

For any queries please email:

or via Hackney Archives, email

Join the Friends form. Click to see the form.

In addition we would be most grateful if you are prepared to Gift Aid your subscription by completing a

FoHA Gift Aid form. Click to download the form.