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Friends of Hackney Archives AGM announcement:
The AGM for 2018 will be held at the Archives on Thursday November 28th 2019, at 6.00pm.
The meeting will be followed by a talk on the provision of social housing after the Second World War by John Boughton.

Social historian John Boughton, author of Municipal Dreams: the Rise and Fall of Council Housing : – “A narrative history of council housing—from slums to the Grenfell Tower “ Verso 2019

and blog Municipal Dreams

“Municipal Dreams celebrates the efforts and achievements of our early municipal reformers.
These men and women dreamed of a better world. But this was a dream built in bricks and mortar; an idealism rooted in the practical power of the local state to transform lives and raise the condition of the people.
I believe that the legacy of our early municipal reformers is unjustly neglected and often unfairly maligned.”

(Michael Passmore’s paper `From high hopes to tall flats: the changing shape of Hackney’s housing, 1945-60′ can be found in Hackney History 15)